Little Hymie and lessons learned [w/ edit] & another [edit]!

Himax (HIMX) busts a move

[edit2] A subscriber informs me that Hymie is something that Jesse Jackson calls Jewish people and is offensive. Not that it needs clarification but that is something I have never heard or known about. I actively avoid racist morons like Jesse Jackson or any other media muckraker/hate monger. In my mind Hymie goes back to much simpler times… I grew up on this show. LOL’ing at this right now.

[edit] per today’s Trade Log. That’s me convincing me, obviously. Not necessarily anyone else, as any subscriber who may have bought it is fully capable of making their own decisions (or may have already).

Per the NFTRH Trade Log on 12.6.21:

Added little Hymie, HIMX on today’s pullback.

The pullback was below the SMA 50, but I excused that using what I did not consider to be compelling support (no upside touch points, just downside ones) as a general tolerance. HIMX was added at 10.21 and it never again went below 10.

Now it is overbought, but little Hymie (gets his name from letter writer/blogger trying to entertain himself if not anyone else; in this case “little Hymie” is Semi giant Taiwan Semiconductor’s little Taiwanese brother). My fundamental reasoning was the expectation for the Semi play to migrate outward to include the chip makers and various ‘picks & shovels’ like Materials and Test Equipment after our initial focus on the Semi Equipment makers, which were the solution to the chip supply gridlock and thus, the early cyclical focus.

Well, Hymie has a nice mix (IMO) of served end markets, including Automotive, which may open up more in 2022. But as noted above, Hymie is overbought, I have a 47% profit and I have not sold yet. And it’s non-taxable (Roth IRA), so there is pressure to do so.

It’s one of several considerations I look at each day in a balanced portfolio that includes several other Semi companies, and quite possibly soon Hymie’s forever consolidating big bro, TSM. But just for the moment I am practicing patience, as in the past I’ve taken great profits on little Hymies of varying flavors, and seen them just keep going.

The lesson learned was don’t sell out of favored stocks too soon. Of course the flip side says something about slaughtered pigs. So, there’s that. Ah, the psychology of markets, eh? Functionally, I’ll stay in week-to-week macro market mode and use that to inform decisions on individual situations as well.

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