Low Max

Himax stock (HIMX) getting decimated (really?)

How can I hold a stock that is down 18% today and not run in fear? Let me count the ways.

  1. Partial profit was taken when personal greed got too high.
  2. Remaining shares are still somehow +28%.
  3. Said shares exist in a right-sized position in a portfolio. Hence the portfolio is doing fine.

Now, it is a little disturbing how something like this can pull a rug out on no news. Was it as simple as sell Hymie and buy big bro also from Taiwan, TSM, as I had scripted in my head the way a profit-taking machine might think in 2022? I don’t know. Don’t care either. But boy, anyone momo’ing this thing last week is in major pain today if they did not day trade it out quickly.

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