As the Inflation Continues

As the inflation continues…

We find charts doing exactly as would be expected under such circumstance.

This weekly chart shows Long-term Treasury yields rising in conjunction with inflation expectations (TIP/TLT) and due to perceived benefits to the economic cycle, Industrial metals rising vs. the Monetary metal since the March 2020 crash.

This is all due to balls out monetary (Fed) inflation and the cost-push of fiscal (government) policy it enables.

Here is another chart showing gold going the opposite way to inflation expectations in relation to the things of cyclicality and higher inflation sensitivity, including silver.

When a gold bug tells you to buy gold to protect against inflation but forgets to mention other assets that perform better, he’s promoting. When a gold bug tells you to buy gold stocks (which leverage gold’s counter-cyclical aspects) he is promoting you hard and has a bridge to sell you.

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