NFTRH+; TSX-V & Junior Miners, Exploration & Royalty

The ‘V’ is doing this, which I believe is a sign of excess (i.e. momentum) starting to layer into the reflation trades. The weekly chart is striking. Ah, but is it really or is the inflation they’ve relentlessly pumped into the system by one monetary trick or another finally just seeking out equilibrium? TSX-V is the latest market to spring to a cyclical bull (ref. … Continue reading NFTRH+; TSX-V & Junior Miners, Exploration & Royalty

NFTRH+; Barfing Up an Opportunity

BARFS? Get it? Hat tip goes to Joe if a successful trade/investment develops. Okay, moving along this is strictly a TA update on BRFS as I did only the bare minimum of fundamental checking, with this failed former vegetarian wannabe buying this meat provider from Brazil (a country we have ID’d as a global inflation/reflation beneficiary). I chased the daily chart a bit, which I … Continue reading NFTRH+; Barfing Up an Opportunity

As the Inflation Continues

As the inflation continues… We find charts doing exactly as would be expected under such circumstance. This weekly chart shows Long-term Treasury yields rising in conjunction with inflation expectations (TIP/TLT) and due to perceived benefits to the economic cycle, Industrial metals rising vs. the Monetary metal since the March 2020 crash. This is all due to balls out monetary (Fed) inflation and the cost-push of fiscal … Continue reading As the Inflation Continues