Which Royalties Are Royal?

Headline Royalty stocks are trending down while a few lesser ones still look bullish I know that the Royalty/Streamers buy Huey’s gold after he pushes his cart out of the cave, but I just love that picture. Without Huey, no gold royalties. Which ones look bullish? Certainly not Royal Gold, heading down for a half a year now. Certainly not Franco Nevada, heading down for … Continue reading Which Royalties Are Royal?

NFTRH+; A Dow Component at a Buy Point

Of course, nothing is assured so a tolerance should be observed for VZ, which I added over the last week on two separate occasions. It’s probably a boring trade, but for me it is a portfolio member offering diversification and balance. A low priority update as the daily chart is making a test of the up-turning 200 day average after making a higher high. It’s … Continue reading NFTRH+; A Dow Component at a Buy Point

copper/gold ratio

Copper/Gold Ratio and Reality

The reality, which gold bugs need to accept, is that cyclical inflationary forces are still dominant Not many market or economic indicators are clearer in indicating a cyclical vs. counter-cyclical backdrop than the Copper/Gold Ratio. Copper, having pro-cyclical characteristics has been out-performing gold in the post-March inflationary operation by the Fed. MMT TMM (Total Market Manipulation) is alive and well. The weekly chart shows the … Continue reading Copper/Gold Ratio and Reality

Oh Man…

Pot stocks bubbling What do I do about this, Man? It’s now a real sector with real growth. I took a big (and non-taxable) profit on my original one, Planet 13 (PLNHF), and yesterday added a related company (CBD, Hemp) that appears to have bottomed. Thus far sitting on my hands has worked best. But when the general stock bubble pricks, I expect the Pot … Continue reading Oh Man…

Gold/SPX Ratio and the Gold Stock Case

Gold/SPX indicated the excess and the gold miners are correcting that excess In and around the August time frame we noted (in NFTRH) high risk to the gold miners because the price of HUI had gotten a million miles ahead of gold’s ratio to the stock market. That was typical bit in the mouth enthusiasm by the gold “community”, as even Warren Buffett bought a … Continue reading Gold/SPX Ratio and the Gold Stock Case