Which Royalties Are Royal?

Headline Royalty stocks are trending down while a few lesser ones still look bullish

I know that the Royalty/Streamers buy Huey’s gold after he pushes his cart out of the cave, but I just love that picture. Without Huey, no gold royalties.

Which ones look bullish?

Certainly not Royal Gold, heading down for a half a year now.

royal gold rgld

Certainly not Franco Nevada, heading down for half a year now.

franco nevada fnv

Certainly not Wheaton PM, heading down for half a year now and quite possibly breaking down from a bear flag.

wheaton wpm

Certainly not Sandstorm, heading down for a half a year now.

sandstorm sand

But what’s with OR, I suppose a tier down from those above in terms of name recognition? It’s trending up although in short-term pullback mode.


Better still, what’s with EMX, which I have doggedly held on to through the correction? Is this owing to a diversity of resources that it participates in? If so, why is FNV trending down so routinely? It’s got cyclical resources as well. Valuations? Any chart can get broken, but this one looks beautiful as it stands now, never having lost its uptrend.


Finally, another one that I have a small position in, Maverix Metals. If I recall correctly this one is predominantly gold. So there goes the diversity of assets rationale.

maverix metals

So what gives? Beuller?

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