The Disgusting Chart of a Premier Gold Royalty

Yes, I know RGLD is a royalty company and does not dig the stuff out of the ground itself. But I love the picture of that miner emerging from the bowels of the earth with his cart of rocks. :-) Maybe Royal Gold has claims on this load.

I have no idea how or if RGLD would decline to the implied target of 82 if HUI is going to arrest its decline at one of the preferred levels (280 +/- or 260 +/-). Many other gold stocks look nowhere near this bad.

Maybe it’s a sector thing or maybe it’s a Royal Gold thing, either having to do with the company itself or its sponsorship by all that big and hot money that jerked into the most high profile names earlier in the year. Other high profilers are also getting the woodshed while many smaller stocks are not nearly as bad.

People think of institutional money as smart, but in this sector that’s not always the case. They jerked in to an epic extent fleeing the macro in fear of USD compromising inflation, and they are now being sanitized right out again while the little guys do their homework and pick up the smaller bargains. At least that’s how I’d like to view it.


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