NFTRH 573 Out Now

NFTRH 573 updates a broad market situation not much changed from the previous week, with US and many global areas on the bull short-term, commodities and the inflation/reflation trades bouncing, the precious metals correcting but no longer a contrarian plus for the bears, and USD at a decision point. Said decision point will instruct the Q4 macro as well as the H1 2020 macro. Good … Continue reading NFTRH 573 Out Now

The Gold Stock Correction and What Lays Ahead [w/ edit]

[edit] For comic relief here’s an email response to this post. I don’t know what forecast he’s talking about, the short-term correction view (already well along) or the longer-term upside target on HUI. But he’s a metals veteran on Wall St. and trades with the cartel so… ooh, I am pretty concerned. Or not. Your on crack! I live in greenwich ct , work in … Continue reading The Gold Stock Correction and What Lays Ahead [w/ edit]

nftrh plus

NFTRH+; Buy Parameters noted on This Correcting But Bullish Miner

The disclaimer is that I just bought back SSRM today for portfolio balance reasons (to replace AGI) and I continue on in a hedged manner. This update shows a still up trending stock on the daily chart and updates the bullish Cup on the weekly. But I think it has more downside before a sustainable recovery is likely. The daily chart twice found stern resistance … Continue reading NFTRH+; Buy Parameters noted on This Correcting But Bullish Miner

SPX Drive to 5*; Bulls’ Ball (or puck) [w/ edit]

[edit] This media headline is exactly the point of a symmetrical triangle point #5 FOMO suck-in scenario as words like “breakout!” and “all-time highs!” are trumpeted far and wide (you can click the headline for the story, including a daily SPX chart managing a bullish view for you)… Peter Schultz, author of the Winning Secret newsletter, looked at the market’s moves and says it’s time … Continue reading SPX Drive to 5*; Bulls’ Ball (or puck) [w/ edit]

Geeked Out Chart Inspires Rambling Post…

I am not a bond trader or stock market analyst by original profession. Until 2004, when I became a public market writer and especially 2008, when I began to work with markets professionally (launching NFTRH), I was just an investor operating under the Greenspan regime while also running a small manufacturing company that had absolutely nothing to do with the financial markets. I think the … Continue reading Geeked Out Chart Inspires Rambling Post…

NFTRH 572 Out Now

There’s a ripple on the macro. Will it turn into a wave? Or will it instead go down the drain yet again? We ask the questions, lay out parameters and forward the game plan, whether for Q4 2019 or out in 2020. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium (monthly at USD $35.00 or a discounted yearly at USD $365.00) for an in-depth weekly market report, interim market … Continue reading NFTRH 572 Out Now

Inflation in the Offing?

Let’s take a look at some indicators that can come together to let us know when the next inflationary bout is in the offing. The spread between 10yr and 2yr yields (the most commonly watched yield spread/curve) is still steepening on the short-term. Live chart available here. What’s more, it is doing this against a short-term bounce in yields (my TBT positions appreciate that) and … Continue reading Inflation in the Offing?

Drive to 5 Still Alive

This news cycle is particularly annoying as the markets go through daily cheer or gloom as the media calls the play-by-play for enthralled casino patrons in sync with the Trade War headlines (with a side of Trump impeachment headlines). It’s not about the bullish prospects of the leading Semi sector or the bearish omens of the manufacturing sector in recession. No, it’s the headlines and … Continue reading Drive to 5 Still Alive

nftrh plus

NFTRH+; A Gold Explorer Finally Pulling Back to Key Buy Levels

The preface here is that my fundamental eyes and ears are not my own. They are a fund manager who values this company’s management and a geologist who values its rocks. In a correspondence with the latter today about the just released drill results, I don’t have any worries from that point of view. [edit] Fund guy is also unwavering bullish. Which means I don’t … Continue reading NFTRH+; A Gold Explorer Finally Pulling Back to Key Buy Levels

Sad Stories: 3 Recent Market Pumps

The tradition is as old as Wall Street itself, I’d think. In my experience it goes back to the Tech/Internet bubble, proceeds on through the Uranium bubble, Oil bubble and Silver bubble. Indeed, today we have the term “Everything Bubble” in honor of the 24/7, 365 asset pumping promoted by US and global Central Banks. But this post deals with three discrete sector situations where … Continue reading Sad Stories: 3 Recent Market Pumps

Mainstream Catches on to the Semi Rebound 8 Months Later

It was nearly 2 years ago when we noted that Wall Street and the financial media were leading people astray in a trend chasing exercise with a Semi sector that was actually topping out. Meanwhile, for most of this year we have been asking ‘hey, what gives with the bullish Semi sector?’, with the most recent post on the subject on September 19th. Today we … Continue reading Mainstream Catches on to the Semi Rebound 8 Months Later

We Still Rok U

I bought the gap fill a few weeks ago, exercised a minimal amount of patience and sooner rather than later, over valued TeeVee company ROKU appears to be getting with the program (get it?). Support and resistance are well defined. Probably the only way I’d try for the upper gap is if I become a US stock market bubble head as instigated by some sort … Continue reading We Still Rok U