What I mean by “Bounce” is not necessarily in the stock market, which is a candidate for one.  But in the inflation story.  Per the post on T bonds and banks yesterday, the whole mess is due for relief from the deflationary grip that has held to this point.

I sold all my T bonds this morning and even bought some regional banks.  Also, I bought oil on yesterday’s decline.  Yeh I know, the world is going down the drain in a deflationary whirlpool.  Still, somebody’s got to buy the fear.

There were other items on my shopping list too.  They’ll show up in NFTRH 326 on Sunday (they are usual suspects, i.e. big tech), assuming the market does not implode today and follow the Financials into breakdown mode.

I just don’t buy the T bond story anymore; at least not for now.  Same with USD.  NFTRH got bullish the buck way before the herds jumped on.  Now it is due for a rest.

Just my views at this little snapshot in time.  I am always prepared to be wrong and adjust.

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