Yield Curve Today; Risk Flies ‘ON’

One thing I like about volatility; it is predictable when it becomes a cycle.  That’s not to say this volatile up and down phase will last.  Indeed, it won’t.  It could be leading to eventual new trends, which would then be played accordingly.  But right now we are in a series of angst ridden down drafts and then desperate ‘V’ bounces, in which momo’s collectively … Continue reading Yield Curve Today; Risk Flies ‘ON’


What I mean by “Bounce” is not necessarily in the stock market, which is a candidate for one.  But in the inflation story.  Per the post on T bonds and banks yesterday, the whole mess is due for relief from the deflationary grip that has held to this point. I sold all my T bonds this morning and even bought some regional banks.  Also, I … Continue reading Bounce

NFTRH; Stock Market & Precious Metals

US Stock Market The stock market is down again in pre-market.  We are at a point where technicals will start breaking down or another big bounce reversal will begin.  For a picture of a technical breakdown, see this post that includes a chart of the XLF Financials ETF breaking down and this NFTRH+ update on same.  Other markets have not yet broken below their December … Continue reading NFTRH; Stock Market & Precious Metals