Precious Metals; Over Bullishness to be Fixed

You see, Things 1, 2 & 3 below always were going to matter to the over bullish sector sooner or just a little later.  It was sooner.  I feel NFTRH did its job well in preparing people for it.  When we began managing the rally, the Gold Miners were the greenest of the green.  Now, not so much. Thing 1:  Sentiment skyrocketed to way over … Continue reading Precious Metals; Over Bullishness to be Fixed

Double D Cup

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the headline.  D for Dragon. The Templeton Dragon fund, my preferred actively managed way to be long  China/Asia, is declining within the would-be Handle of the 2nd Cup (black).  It is actually the first Cup that I would consider notable because its Handle is forming after making a higher high. I am pared down on longs, but I held this one … Continue reading Double D Cup

Canary’s Alive & Well

Excerpted from this week’s Notes From the Rabbit Hole (NFTRH 327), a 35 page report covering economic data and indicators, US and global stock markets, commodities and clear technical and macro fundamental parameters on gold, silver and the miners… Canary’s Alive & Well This week we will cover the ECB QE action, Euro, USD and their implications for global trade.  We’ll also update a still-intact … Continue reading Canary’s Alive & Well

NFTRH 327 Out Now

The ‘top down’ macro work continues and frankly, I am too fried to try to detail what a good report I think #327 is.  But it is high quality stuff and another in a progression of reports that will have us on the right side of things, rather than following orthodoxy in an unorthodox environment. Continue reading NFTRH 327 Out Now

NFTRH; Stock Market & PM Technicals

Stock Markets The US market is now just about at the limits of a ‘bounce’ vs. ‘bull continuation’.  Using SPY as an example. Junk bonds, while still in a downtrend, have a sneakily bullish look to them.  What’s more, considering Treasury bonds over bought as I do, the HYG-TLT (and HYG-LQD) ratio can bounce, implying a renewal of risk ‘ON’. Europe is breaking to new … Continue reading NFTRH; Stock Market & PM Technicals

NFTRH; Important Resistance Confluence on Gold

Yesterday we updated the hit to the miners and that update still looks valid.  It looks like the reaction is just that, a reaction.  But also note that the miners and the metals are much closer to their targets now and the risk vs. reward is not as good as it was before, for the short-term. Let’s look at GLD as an example of why … Continue reading NFTRH; Important Resistance Confluence on Gold