Is Inflation Oversold?

First, for all you right minded wording detectives out there, you are absolutely right… inflation is not rising prices and deflation is not dropping prices.  Also, deflation is not two measures of a heavily manipulated bond market (chart 1) dropping impulsively.  But for the sake of argument, let’s realize that Main Street does indeed call $4 regular at the pump “inflation” and every several years … Continue reading Is Inflation Oversold?

Stock Market Not Even Close to Topping Out –Hulbert

Mark Hulbert’s HNNSI (data compiled from Nasdaq oriented market timers) shows that sentiment among these timers was not indicative of a top as it had been fading the rally into the recent interim top. From Hulbert: Contrast the HNNSI’s recent behavior with what happened as the 2000-2002 bear market was beginning — at the top of the Internet bubble. Three weeks after the Nasdaq COMP, … Continue reading Stock Market Not Even Close to Topping Out –Hulbert