Uranium price charts

Longer-term charts of the Uranium price are constructive The previous post includes a comment from an NFTRH subscriber that makes some good points about why the move happening now – whether lasting or ephemeral – may be occurring. Here are the weekly and monthly charts of u3o8. The weekly chart has so far held short-term support and is moving up from consolidation. If this area … Continue reading Uranium price charts


A commodity sector with special interest

The Uranium sector has been conspicuously bullish lately I have not had time to go fishing about to find out what may be at the heart of this, but on Friday per the NFTRH Trade Log, URNM was added as it dropped toward the SMA 200. It was added to an existing position in NexGen Energy (NXE). Added URNM. URNM chosen over URA because it … Continue reading A commodity sector with special interest

Uranium has pulled back within its uptrend

U3o8 Futures have pulled back Amid the global volatility in commodity/resource assets, Uranium futures have pulled back to what looks like a buy area for Uranium bulls. It’s a classic pullback within an uptrend after bottoming, basing and developing a new uptrend. For “best of breed” top down analysis of all major markets, subscribe to NFTRH Premium, which includes an in-depth weekly market report, detailed … Continue reading Uranium has pulled back within its uptrend

NFTRH+; Uranium

There are several sub-sectors related to Energy, from battery metals/materials (nickel, lithium, etc.) to solar/wind,etc., to uranium. I don’t hold much in the way of traditional Energy (other than NOG, which itself is a unique play on oil and gas, per a 12.22.21 Trade Log entry), but you may recall from the previous update Energy is one of the sectors that is positively correlated with … Continue reading NFTRH+; Uranium

U Paying Attention?

Per the NFTRH Trade Log on November 10th… Taking a shot in the Uranium patch, added NXE & UUUU, considering the bounce in the broad Energy sector. Some day Uranium has to get up, doesn’t it? Regardless, after selling over valued tech stocks buying these cow pastures is done as part of rebalancing. And… Adding CCJ for much the same reason as the two U … Continue reading U Paying Attention?

NFTRH+; Logical Buy Area for This Uranium Stock

I know a lot of people are interested in the Uranium sector and so here’s a look at the technical buy area for Cameco (daily chart), which got hammered after earnings (that should not have been much of a surprise). I think the move was just taking out the exuberance of the previous run up. 9.75 would be the preferred buy level for a CCJ/Uranium … Continue reading NFTRH+; Logical Buy Area for This Uranium Stock

Mineral/Metal Pancakes Anyone?

Pancake… err, Yellowcake is not distinguishing itself as the Uranium sector’s ignominy continues after not even participating in the recent global macro bounce-a-thon. Copper miners have failed the bounce along with the Economic Ph.D’d metal they toil and slave for. And here is the entirety of the Industrial Metals complex pancaking, and then some. Why, even Palladium is taking a crack from its near vertical … Continue reading Mineral/Metal Pancakes Anyone?

What Expiring Bubbles Look Like [w/ edit]

The Nasdaq bubble popped in 2000 after motoring upward on increasing volume in two separate phases. Volume rammed upward and RSI diverged. Like shootin’ fish in a barrel it was, except that at the time I was too inexperienced to see it. It was a steep slope and blow out. The 2006 bubble in copper made a consolidation and a steep slope and blow out … Continue reading What Expiring Bubbles Look Like [w/ edit]

Uranium: 12 Years in the Desert (and I’m not talking yellow cake)

The after effects of the bubble labor on and on. Source: Cameco… Those giddy times when they went all in with the “original Uranium bug” AKA Dines manning the pom poms are a distant memory. I don’t think the need for nuclear power is going away and I do think the supply overhangs will go away some day. But boy it’s been 12 long years … Continue reading Uranium: 12 Years in the Desert (and I’m not talking yellow cake)