Time to stare at the long-term Uranium price

Simply because men who stare at charts often like to stare at long-term bases that have turned up. e.g the Uranium price…

u3o8 price from Cameco

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  1. joe morsillo

    What do you see, Gary?

    1. Gary

      I see a break above the 2015 high that I’d like to see hold as support. That would set the right side of the long bowl.

    2. Gary

      I replaced the chart with one that I drew in the support level on.

  2. Anonymous

    I ❤️ U….

  3. joe morsillo

    I ❤️ U… :)
    now what do you see staring at the similar long term chart for silver?

    1. Gary

      Awe shucks… anyway, staring at Ag I see a similar base that broke out about 17 years ago. I also see a shorter one that broke out in 2020 and got tested hard in 2022.

  4. jon jonsen

    does this not play against your commodity view?

    1. Gary

      Not really. Uranium is an outlier, a specialty. A structural need in the years ahead. So, much like Lithium and battery metals, etc. I see it as less an inflation trade and more a special situation. Of course, if we go full deflation it all goes down.

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