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NFTRH+; an Intermediate Low Upcoming For This Sector and Some of These Stocks?

The macro view of Uranium is that the slack demand will eventually start to tighten (note the word “eventually” with patience) and that the sector has a future in clean energy and EV. For NFTRH+ purposes however, let’s just get a look at some daily charts that have been taken down hard lately (click for sharper view). The Uranium holder has lateral support from 2018, … Continue reading NFTRH+; an Intermediate Low Upcoming For This Sector and Some of These Stocks?

Big Picture Update on Commodities & Precious Metals

Some monthly charts of interest in the commodity sector, including precious metals. CRB Index dwells below key resistance. A break of 200 would target around 250 in 2018. CRB/SPX Ratio shows the utter devastation of the Goldilocks era of Central Bank inflation with no apparent consequences. This is not likely to last. WTI Crude Oil sits below resistance at 62-63, with a target of 75. … Continue reading Big Picture Update on Commodities & Precious Metals


NFTRH; US Market Rotation, Interesting Internals and a Word on Uranium

The market is rotating out of the leader (NDX, tech) and even more so the leader’s leader (SOX, Semisconductors) and even more than that, the leading component within Semis, the Equipment stocks (LRCX, AMAT, etc.). I’ve made a few posts lately about why the Semi equipment sector could signal some bad stuff in 2018, with MarketWatch calling a top just about to the day. But … Continue reading NFTRH; US Market Rotation, Interesting Internals and a Word on Uranium

The Commodity “Outliers”: Uranium, REE & Lithium

Three commodities that have gotten big hype bids over the years include what I call the “outliers”, Uranium, Rate Earth Elements and Lithium. Way back in the day, the self-named original “Uranium bug”… what was his name? Dines, that’s it; the oUb got us all to see the wonders of u3o8 and its miners. He was sort of the George ‘ride the light’ Gilder, from … Continue reading The Commodity “Outliers”: Uranium, REE & Lithium

Uranium Updated

Last week we noted that Uranium looked interesting. This week it looks interestinger-still. URA is poking the zone about which we’ve noted in July 2nd’s ‘online edition’ NFTRH 454… “The 1st resistance point is the sideways-going SMA 200 (currently 13.84), which halted the last bounce. If this gets above 14 be on alert for a new, extended U trade.” Head fake or real? Dunno; only … Continue reading Uranium Updated

vs. SPY

I created the title and then had a flashback to Spy vs. Spy… :-)


Anyway, here are some daily charts of other items vs. SPY.  I am getting nudged in the direction of ‘inflation trade’ and as part of that I might need to concede that the US stock market may not go the way of the bears with inflation in the system, post-Goldilocks. Several of my long positions are in alignment with a potential ‘inflation trade’, including US manufacturing/exporters.  I still hold SPY short.  Ouch, but it’s more than fine; the 2016 out performers are seeing to that.

Here are relevant markets vs. SPY, beginning the EM’s, which we long ago noted were out performing.  EEM-SPY is doinking the SMA 200 for the first time today.

Continue reading “vs. SPY”

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NFTRH+; Uranium Sector

For all you Uranium enthusiasts out there… Assuming that USD has gone bearish (let’s watch for a weekly close below the Sept. low) the commodity complex gets interesting.  We have already looked at broad commodities and crude oil (DBC and USO) and now let’s take a look at an outlier, Uranium, using the Global X Uranium fund URA. This chart is so very clear.  Lateral … Continue reading NFTRH+; Uranium Sector

‘Inflation Trade’ Update

A brief update as I am on a mini getaway in NYC and will be hitting the road shortly. TIP-TLT has continued upward and broken above the MA 50.  The ‘inflation trade’ bounce play has gained a little traction. This coming as long-term Treasury yields rise, which is square with rising inflation expectations. Why is gold under pressure then?  Look no further than yield spreads, … Continue reading ‘Inflation Trade’ Update