U Paying Attention?

Per the NFTRH Trade Log on November 10th…

Taking a shot in the Uranium patch, added NXE & UUUU, considering the bounce in the broad Energy sector. Some day Uranium has to get up, doesn’t it? Regardless, after selling over valued tech stocks buying these cow pastures is done as part of rebalancing.


Adding CCJ for much the same reason as the two U stocks above. Just a hunch it could be time. Last week XOM and CVX were added on a hunch. Not the way I want to operate as standard practice!

Then on November 24th…

Okay, I’ve had enough of this. Uranium is trading for a 20% discount to NAV @ Uranium Participation, and so for no chart-based reason I added the discounted yellow cake, URPTF (U.TO).

And wouldn’t you know, the Uranium patch is actually waking up. Who’da thunk? UUUU is already +44% from purchase.


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