Uranium [w/ edit]

[edit] Okay, a couple of partial profits (that came way too quickly and intensely) booked. So now I can rest easier while holding for the time being.

A short clip from the more extensive broad Commodities segment of NFTRH 632, featuring a chart of the 4 positions I hold (for how long I don’t know because it’s getting frothy already):

So here is the big move in the Uranium patch. Even large cap war horse Cameco was up nearly 10% on Friday. I am not aware of any big news event behind this and instead think that it was probably just time. Everything else with a story is moving. Why not Uranium?

On that note see 3 Reasons Why Nuclear is Clean and Sustainable from energy.gov. Personally, I dig the U story more than I do wind, solar and many of the other Green New Deal make-work initiatives. There is upside and downside to everything. Wind and solar have a carbon footprint in their manufacture and materials sourcing, they are ugly and physically massive.

Uranium on the other hand has decades of sensational (and warranted) fear baked into the cake (get it?). But rational people may consider that the technology progresses too.

That said, U is famous for being played by the roving hedgies and machines within the commodity complex. This looks like a launch more than a blow off. But considering the inflationary bull going on it could also be getting caught up in that second thing too.

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