U Paying Attention?

Per the NFTRH Trade Log on November 10th… Taking a shot in the Uranium patch, added NXE & UUUU, considering the bounce in the broad Energy sector. Some day Uranium has to get up, doesn’t it? Regardless, after selling over valued tech stocks buying these cow pastures is done as part of rebalancing. And… Adding CCJ for much the same reason as the two U … Continue reading U Paying Attention?

NFTRH+; HUI’s Bounce Parameters

[edit] Payrolls data are out, they were well below forecast (+245,000 vs. +432,000) and the market is taking it as a big nothingburger. Gold and silver barely moved, the USD stayed down, stocks stayed bullish and so it appears we are firmly on the next stimulus watch. It is jobs Friday, which may have an effect one way or another on the precious metals along … Continue reading NFTRH+; HUI’s Bounce Parameters