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NFTRH+; a contrarian bear signal on this sector

The Semiconductor sector is one of my favorite sectors for reasons we have covered over the last few years. Generally, it boils down to the fact that Semis are the future as they become more and more pervasively utilized beyond the traditional PC and smart phone markets. They are in everything from medical devices to autos to the surveillance states, and on and on. However, … Continue reading NFTRH+; a contrarian bear signal on this sector

America needs to get its ass in gear on Semi

As the Biden administration obsesses on faulty and fantastical green initiatives (and all that carbon needed to implement them), the US is falling behind in the critical Semiconductor space This article is an interesting read. In an increasingly dangerous geopolitical world of shooting wars, cyber wars and monetary policy wars (say, who’s been among those big global Treasury bond sellers?) there is one war that … Continue reading America needs to get its ass in gear on Semi

NFTRH+; Semi sector [w/ edit]

[edit] Upper gap filled. Lower gap open. Hold immediate support or it’s going to get uncomfortable. My view of the Semi sector is that it is much less cyclically volatile and more interwoven into a much wider array of industries and end market applications than the ‘traditional’ and super volatile Semi sector, so dependent upon personal computing and some other areas related to computing . … Continue reading NFTRH+; Semi sector [w/ edit]

Taiwan Semiconductor breaks out

TSM moves higher, Semi sector toppy but intact In an NFTRH update on Monday I had expressed a view that the SOX index might have more downside as long as the US market correction persisted, but also that the US market correction was normal and within continuing uptrends and so, no shorting for this non-daytrader. Not unless it’s for strategic hedging or I get proper … Continue reading Taiwan Semiconductor breaks out

An in depth look at the Semiconductor industry

Semiconductor Digest, December 2021 I am under the weather and not really in a writing frame of mind. But I am slowly getting back into a reading frame of mind, and this morning I am reading this. You might want to as well if you, like me, have a strong interest in the Semiconductor industry. This industry, with its valid and expanding growth prospects, is … Continue reading An in depth look at the Semiconductor industry

Beyond Gold Buggery; Sectors Reviewed

A brief sector review While I hold a special place (in my thoughts and in NFTRH) for the gold stock sector due to its counter-cyclical nature, it’s a big market out there and a strategic view of the macro helps with successful positioning. Following is a snapshot of some sectors/markets with general thoughts on each. I will provide one chart or graphic for each but … Continue reading Beyond Gold Buggery; Sectors Reviewed

Semiconductor sector leadership updated

The Semiconductor sector appears to be re-taking leadership The broad Semiconductor sector is hinting to take back its leadership over big Tech and possibly the broad SPX as well on the daily chart view. While a look inside the sector’s internals shows that two premier Semi Equipment companies, Applied Materials and Lam Research are constructive and not yet actionable with respect to leadership by companies … Continue reading Semiconductor sector leadership updated

Semi sector flashes a moderate warning

The Semiconductor sector has an internal warning… As if the economic cycle and thus the stock market did not have enough internal problems (e.g. the CESI divergence to the S&P 500) a cyclical leader, the Semiconductor sector, is suspect as the front end of the market leadership chain (SOX>NDX>SPX), and in its own sector internals. As a reminder, the play coming out of the acute … Continue reading Semi sector flashes a moderate warning

Semi sector’s nuts & bolts are starting to fly off

Semiconductor Equipment, Test & Materials are flipping bearish The Semiconductor sector is a cyclical leading edge. Its Equipment sub-sector is the tip of that spear. It and some other picks, shovels, nuts and bolts of the sector are starting to fail. While not completely broken, the Equipment stocks need to hold here or they’ll join bearish Test & Materials. Semi Equipment stocks are rolling over… … Continue reading Semi sector’s nuts & bolts are starting to fly off

Semi Equipment leadership is rolling over

The tip of the spear that is the cycle leading Semiconductor sector is fading fast If broad Semi is a market leader, Semi Equipment is a leader within the Semi sector. I had been bullish on LRCX, AMAT and others due to the ongoing post-lockdown Semiconductor shortage because these companies (along with ASML, KLAC, ACLS, BRKS and others) are the solution to the chip supply … Continue reading Semi Equipment leadership is rolling over


Semiconductor sector following through after our bullish preview Here is the updated chart of SMH (originally presented per the excerpt below), which I almost don’t believe (if it were a gold stock ETF flashing such an obviously bullish pattern dollars to donuts it would have failed spectacularly): NFTRH 666(6) wrote up the Semiconductor sector in part due to the current supply/demand fundamentals, in part due … Continue reading Semiconductors