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NFTRH+; BSX Just About to Target (Public)

Former NFTRH+ bull stock BSX was recently highlighted as a short due to this disgusting chart.  When it was highlighted it was below the SMA 50 but went on to become more bearish in creating and breaking a neckline.  At that point a target was assigned.  Looking good for anyone who tried this and is still holding.  But don’t be greedy. As noted in a … Continue reading NFTRH+; BSX Just About to Target (Public)

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NFTRH+; Russell 2000 to the Limit Area

My tolerance on a short position against small caps (via IWM) is shown here in this weekly chart.  A break of the blue line and I’d probably move on.  Among all the NFTRH+ winners shown lately, this would be a loser as the originally noted stop loss was “Above 1120 (and the EMA 120) to suit risk tolerance but I would be careful about letting … Continue reading NFTRH+; Russell 2000 to the Limit Area

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NFTRH+; Russell 2000 Short Setup

Here is the (weekly) Russell 2000 chart we used in 2015 to show that a moving average cross and a similar looking pattern have occurred that resulted in severe downside in 2008.  I think we can disqualify the 2011 ‘comp’ because that moving average cross was quickly reversed and the current one, despite the big rally, is nowhere near being undone.

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Russell 2000 is poking below support this morning.  That would be okay as a potential in-day whipsaw but other indexes were showing negative signs 2 days ago (subscribers ref. last market update).  A weekly close of all this stuff below their respective parameters (like RUT support line) would be very not good. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium for your 25-35 page weekly report, interim updates and … Continue reading RUT Roh

About Those Small Caps

During the early December correction that set the stage for the Santa rally, we (being NFTRH) watched the Russell 2000, which had actually been relatively weak as it floundered below resistance at around 1150. It then smashed through that resistance and joined the other indexes in bullish territory.  It has since taken up leadership in what seems almost too logical a manner, considering that this … Continue reading About Those Small Caps