NFTRH+; BSX Just About to Target (Public)

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Former NFTRH+ bull stock BSX was recently highlighted as a short due to this disgusting chart.  When it was highlighted it was below the SMA 50 but went on to become more bearish in creating and breaking a neckline.  At that point a target was assigned.  Looking good for anyone who tried this and is still holding.  But don’t be greedy.


As noted in a recent ‘+’ bullish highlight of the Vampire Squid (still pw protected), “I covered that short for a small profit in order to increase index shorting rather than gamble on BSX’s earnings report.” 

Said “index shorting” increases went against the Small Caps (3x leveraged bull fund TNA).  Reference the bearish state of this fund’s marker, the Russell 2000 and its degrading market leadership, as noted yesterday.


I am still interested in the Medical Device industry (now that the late-coming momo freaks are getting cleaned out), but I want to let markets test support before adopting anything like a bullish view.

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