We Will We Will ROK U!… Overbought then Not

No better example of how a stock can get strenuously overbought during a long journey upward, refresh itself and resume. It’s one of the things that should be tuned out if a TA puts too much emphasis on an overbought situation necessarily being something terminal. I mean sure, overbought could be a good place to take profits and I have done so periodically in this … Continue reading We Will We Will ROK U!… Overbought then Not

We Will Rok U

Sometimes being a man who stares at charts, gets titillated and acts upon that titillation pays off. ROKU was brought to my attention by a subscriber who asked that it be included in NFTRH 610, which it was because of said titillation I experienced when looking at the chart. From the Trade Log on Tuesday: “I am going to play pattern nerd and add ROKU … Continue reading We Will Rok U

They Did ROK U

They did ROK U if you over-stayed your welcome, that is. It’s always a good time to examine your own personal psychology in this racket and after I took the profit (after a mid-Sept. buy at support) around the SMA 50 (as originally planned) my greedy side enviously watched it gap higher. Then I put my greedy side away and took the profits from a … Continue reading They Did ROK U

We Still Rok U

I bought the gap fill a few weeks ago, exercised a minimal amount of patience and sooner rather than later, over valued TeeVee company ROKU appears to be getting with the program (get it?). Support and resistance are well defined. Probably the only way I’d try for the upper gap is if I become a US stock market bubble head as instigated by some sort … Continue reading We Still Rok U

Taking Profit on 1/2 ROKU Position Because…

Profit is profit; always a good time to take some… The stock is up big today on no material news… And the news I could find is this… QD Vision? Are you kidding me? The PR creatively puts lipstick on the pig that was the QDV sale. Mr. Mustafa took over a dysfunctional company and from what I gather, did little to change that fate. … Continue reading Taking Profit on 1/2 ROKU Position Because…

Man Who Stares at Charts Sees ROKU Cup & (Severe) Handle

This man who stares at charts saw ROKU getting wiped out post-earnings – as so many growth stocks have this earnings season – and started a position in after hours yesterday. Today on further tankage the position was increased, per plan, on the drop to the SMA 200. As long as the market view is stable (near-term) I figured that taking a shot on the … Continue reading Man Who Stares at Charts Sees ROKU Cup & (Severe) Handle

nftrh plus

NFTRH+; A Post-Citron Look at ROKU (low priority)

Citron Research is a noted short seller. Basically, the guy (Andrew Left) hates everything. Sometimes he’s right and other times he’s either wrong or a given stock he shorts just does not care about the bearish case and goes up anyway. I have never shorted anything he has put the bear on but I was first alerted to the long-term bullish case for BB by … Continue reading NFTRH+; A Post-Citron Look at ROKU (low priority)