We will we will ROK U

I am still holding this streaming service that I don’t even use. I held it for two reasons…

  1. The chart never told me to sell, and
  2. I did not want to incur the capital gains tax, as it is in a taxable account.

I’ve had  a few whipsaws, fake outs and screw ups this year but on balance it’s been a great year and sometimes having discipline in a situation like this works well (although I’ve also turned profit in stocks on paper to losses as well by stubbornly holding). ROKU is ticking a new all-time high today on some good news.

As a side note, if you are paying attention to the market you are seeing that a certain sector is strong today. I recently re-bought that sector (remote tools for work and communication). Yeah, including the mega valued and hyped ZM, a position that is +28% since it was bought on 9/8). I don’t think the market is falling apart. It is rotating again, however. And the rotation – in line with Uncle Buck’s bounce – is away from reflation. For a day, anyway. Maybe more.


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