We will we will ROK U

I have already reluctantly trimmed this position once and it has grown in size again to be the 4th largest equity position (behind 3 favored gold stocks) in the account in which it’s held. Due entirely to not wanting to pay more capital gains taxes I have let it grow itself back and that enforced discipline has not allowed me out-think myself.

Roku pleasured the market by unexpectedly going profitable this past quarter. At least according to Fidelity’s logging of analyst estimates.


The chart is tacking on another 9% to make it an 85% gainer to this point. The buy was on July 7 as a man stared at the chart, its potential to change trend, and acted.

I don’t even use this gadget. We have Amazon Prime, which I don’t use all that much either.


Unsurprisingly enough, analysts are falling all over themselves to upgrade the thing. Ha ha ha, even the ‘sell’ guy at the bottom raised his target.

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