Speaking of Bubbles… [w/ edit]

[edit] I value input from subscribers and ask for all feedback, including criticism. Well, a gentleman who values NFTRH as a serious entity does not care for me getting involved in some of this social media clownery. And do you know what? I agree with him. As a human, I see things and I get annoyed and participate in the clownery. But I should remember that I am a professional and frankly, sometimes I don’t act that way. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not going to turn into a vanilla robot. But I can do better and I will. Thank you, Tom. 

Speaking of bubbles (as NFTRH 637 did)…

“Gold is as I’ve always thought of it; not a speculation. People are getting outraged watching Bitcoin blast off while this piece of shit metal sits on its heavy ass. From day 1 of my public writing experience I have said that gold is about value, not speculation.”

There is this goofy Gold (Schiff) vs. Bitcoin (Keiser) ideological battle raging on Twitter. It needs to be tuned out. One is a speculation (regardless of whether it proves to be viable over the long-term) and one is monetary value. Two different animals.

[edit] LOL, look what just popped up on my Twitter uploader as I tweeted this post. Gotta respect the guy’s ability to basically be everywhere all the time. 

But I have ridden a bubble of my own since noting it in the NFTRH Trade Log on July 7, added for the shaded pattern on the daily chart. Today it’s +210% but I don’t need to worry too much about the risk because I’ve de-risked it along the way, taking partial profits to keep the position at a normal size after each instance where it bloated up too big. But this is starting to look like Bitcoin and Tesla if I am being unbiased. Unbiased, and holding.


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