We Will Rok U

Sometimes being a man who stares at charts, gets titillated and acts upon that titillation pays off. ROKU was brought to my attention by a subscriber who asked that it be included in NFTRH 610, which it was because of said titillation I experienced when looking at the chart.

From the Trade Log on Tuesday: “I am going to play pattern nerd and add ROKU (ref. NFTRH 610). I can’t help it. The chart calls to me (note the word “me”, which is decidedly not you).”

I believe that the reflation trades may be failing (and have the short positions to prove it) but that does not necessarily mean everything is failing. If ever there has been a market in which to select and strategize (as opposed to that obnoxious phase where simply buying SPY worked best) this is it. It’s a friggin’ blast actually, and it has more or less been that for all of 2020.


A subscriber notes this to me today…

“BTW, I have been noting your very adept assessments in your weekly reports this year. That is not luck; rather hard work in discerning the weight of probabilities on different outcomes, plus good calls on specific stocks given their technical set ups. Well done too on seeing the “paradigm shift” as Armstrong is calling it. Well, there I explain why I am happy to keep the relationship afoot.” 

As has been the case over the last couple of years, the end of summer is going to see a bump up in this under-valued (relative to others) service. So if you are thinking of subscribing do it sooner rather than later. All existing subscriptions will remain the same price after the price increase and forever on.

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