Silly Season: ROKU Edition [w/ edit]

[edit] It occurs to me that I should note that I previously got hammered on ROKU, as I bottom fed it and it kept going down. So the reminder is… no geniuses here. All of this was after doing really well with it earlier in the year.

It took Santa a while to get his ass in gear and once he finally arrived (at the lows on that fateful Christmas Eve with man and machine mass puking) he then decided to stay a while. Indeed, he stayed long enough to morph into a January effect style post-tax loss seasonal bounce back from extreme and unsustainable over bearishness. ←That’s a mouthful, I know.

Anyway, one shiny new toy I picked up was ROKU, as I chased it a bit on Friday (per the NFTRH Trade Log) only to see it spend the rest of the day piling on paper profit. Then today it exploded for a 1 (trading) day gain of 31% for your friendly writer. I like the company and its model (though I use Amazon Prime and Fire TV), but let’s be reasonable.

Like any sensible seasonal player with a shall we say dynamic near-term view of the stock market, I decided to lock in the profit on half of the position today. As noted in NFTRH 533’s NFTRH+ Charts & Notes segment, the target was 40 and it would be silly not to take at least a partial here.


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