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The Best Position

With the post's title I am speaking for me; a person who cannot possibly be a committed bull due to my idealist revulsion at what the bull market was built…

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Stupid Cash Holders

A so painful it's funny post by Otto over at IKN brings to light how even the best and brightest can be made to look stupid by the markets (it's…

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NFTRH; Junk-Quality Credit Spreads

Junk bond fund HYG is breaking below the 50 and 200 day moving averages. HYG in relation to long-term Treasury bonds never did break above the moving averages and you…

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Precious Metals: Risk Management to Opportunity

What Has Been

A solid 2.5 years of risk management (to varying degrees) has been required of precious metals investors.  It was most intensely required after the announcement of QE3, when the net commercial short position in silver began a relentless march toward a very bearish alignment in late 2012 and then the HUI Gold Bugs index lost an important support level at around 460.  Here is the chart of silver with a heavy commercial net short position from NFTRH 215, dated 12.2.12:


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