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Bullish CoT data on precious and non-precious metals alike

Metals Commitments of Traders are contrary bullish The gold price chart is looking bad technically. But the gold CoT alignment, especially where the little guy (blue) is concerned, is contrary bullish, or at least constructive. Charts from CotBase. Silver CoT is in great shape, while the silver price chart err… isn’t. There are long-term support levels (not shown on this chart) we are using, however, … Continue reading Bullish CoT data on precious and non-precious metals alike

Platinum: “Me too!” [w/ edit]

Platinum joins its bullish fellow PGM, Palladium [edit] Solid profits now booked on all ‘paper’ bullion vehicles. Bird, meet hand. The Platinum price is making a move to try to keep up with big bro Palladium as it attempts a daily chart channel buster. Last week I cut my Pd position back to be roughly the size of my Pt position, leaving silver of all … Continue reading Platinum: “Me too!” [w/ edit]

Precious & industrial metals seasonal (from NFTRH 695)

The bullish window (on average) is closing for metals Of these metals I hold gold (not in ‘paper’ form) and silver, palladium and platinum (in paper form) and copper (in my walls). Is it different this time or will the seasonal average exert for some or all of these metals? There sure is a case to be made for ‘different this time’, given the intensifying … Continue reading Precious & industrial metals seasonal (from NFTRH 695)

Man stares at Platinum & the Silver/Gold ratio

Could Platinum be leading Silver/Gold? Okay, calm down man (who stares at charts). It’s probably nothing. But still… I own PPLT in the NFTRH model portfolio (and a couple PGM miners elsewhere). But the significance here, if it means anything at all would be for Silver/Gold to hold support and the inflation trades to perhaps continue with this afterburner. Or maybe the inflation trades would … Continue reading Man stares at Platinum & the Silver/Gold ratio

Metallic Commodity Whack-a-Mole

Different short-term conditions among the metals As the macro tries to sort itself out with respect to the near-term play being inflation (good for some things), deflation (bad for most things) or Goldilocks (good for some other things), commodities, which would obviously prefer Thing 1 are all over the map, doing the Whack-a-Mole thing they often do (as I picture large traders and machines roving … Continue reading Metallic Commodity Whack-a-Mole

Metallic Big Pictures

Just some impressions – without the usual lines and squiggles. Man stares at charts, has some thoughts. Simple. Take it with a grain of salt because the views are not necessarily positive, but these are long-term monthly charts, AKA the dullest, most lumbering kind. Effective signals will come from the shorter-term charts, which will inform these big dumb pictures eventually. Gold lurks well above the … Continue reading Metallic Big Pictures

Pd, Pd/Au & Pt

Pd… breaking bad again. Pd/Au… also looking none too pleasant. This is a would-be negative macro indicator. Pt… threatening my bottoming stance (and long position), but still intact to that theme, so I’m holding. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium (monthly at USD $33.50 or a 14% discounted yearly at USD $345.00) for an in-depth weekly market report, interim market updates and NFTRH+ chart and trade setup … Continue reading Pd, Pd/Au & Pt

1 Post, 4 Metals

It’s a metallic 4’fer beginning with the economic metals (futures). Copper for cyclicality and gold for relative counter-cyclicality. Copper is fading to support again. Sure, it can fade to 2.70 while not breaking down, but the preferred support for copper (and global macro) bulls is right here. It’s below the SMA 50 and above the SMA 200. Gold is having second thoughts at least about … Continue reading 1 Post, 4 Metals

Checking Back in on Palladium and Platinum

When last we left these metals we noted a popping bubble in Palladium and a prospective bottoming situation in Platinum here and here. From that second post on Pt… As Palladium crashed Platinum began a massive bull market. Hmm. Here is Pd turning back down from a reactive bounce to the SMA 50. Here is Pt breaking through resistance. So I again give you my … Continue reading Checking Back in on Palladium and Platinum