Platinum: “Me too!” [w/ edit]

Platinum joins its bullish fellow PGM, Palladium

[edit] Solid profits now booked on all ‘paper’ bullion vehicles. Bird, meet hand.

The Platinum price is making a move to try to keep up with big bro Palladium as it attempts a daily chart channel buster. Last week I cut my Pd position back to be roughly the size of my Pt position, leaving silver of all things, as my largest metal holding, in the online world of paper metal, anyway. Of course only gold is gold, and only real metal you can hold or have possession of is real in the digital world of ever more connected and intrusive governments.

Okay, I am sounding like Martin Armstrong now I guess because people have forwarded me his ‘Great Reset’ stuff twice in two days.* Get out of my head, Marty! I need to watch market signals, not ghost stories.

platinum futures

* That does not mean I don’t believe in the ghost stories. I don’t have a computer telling me the future like Armstrong does. It does mean that this crap is dangerous as a market participant if you don’t manage your emotions and stay rational in the face of it.

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