Platinum: “Me too!” [w/ edit]

Platinum joins its bullish fellow PGM, Palladium [edit] Solid profits now booked on all ‘paper’ bullion vehicles. Bird, meet hand. The Platinum price is making a move to try to keep up with big bro Palladium as it attempts a daily chart channel buster. Last week I cut my Pd position back to be roughly the size of my Pt position, leaving silver of all … Continue reading Platinum: “Me too!” [w/ edit]

Precious & industrial metals seasonal (from NFTRH 695)

The bullish window (on average) is closing for metals Of these metals I hold gold (not in ‘paper’ form) and silver, palladium and platinum (in paper form) and copper (in my walls). Is it different this time or will the seasonal average exert for some or all of these metals? There sure is a case to be made for ‘different this time’, given the intensifying … Continue reading Precious & industrial metals seasonal (from NFTRH 695)


Excellent Palladium CoT joined a positive seasonal average

Palladium, outstanding CoT and Seasonal After having previously reviewed the positive seasonal aspect for Palladium (along with other metals, see below), NFTRH 690 presented (by way of CoTbase) the following CoT situation, which was in a no-brainer, contrary bullish setup at the last reading. Palladium looks really good. Specs were way too long at the top and Commercials were very short. Today it is the … Continue reading Excellent Palladium CoT joined a positive seasonal average

Metallic Commodity Whack-a-Mole

Different short-term conditions among the metals As the macro tries to sort itself out with respect to the near-term play being inflation (good for some things), deflation (bad for most things) or Goldilocks (good for some other things), commodities, which would obviously prefer Thing 1 are all over the map, doing the Whack-a-Mole thing they often do (as I picture large traders and machines roving … Continue reading Metallic Commodity Whack-a-Mole

Palladium is the new lumber, it’s Commodity Whack-a-Mole

Palladium is another headline commodity in crash mode. This is the Whack-a-Mole market brought to you by the Federal Reserve’s regime of Inflation onDemand. One gets smashed down, another pops its head up. Hedgies and machines rove the commodity patch pumping one (e.g. Uranium, although if a trusted source is correct there’s manipulation in there by our friends up north, Sprott) and dumping another, PGMs … Continue reading Palladium is the new lumber, it’s Commodity Whack-a-Mole


Palladium/Gold Ratio

Today is a bit of an anti-inflation, anti-value, pro-growth whiff as Tech stocks out-perform and long-term yields (but not the dogged yield curve) back off a bit. Also, there is this cyclical indicator. The Palladium/Gold ratio should probably hold this support area if the macro is going to comfortably continue a transition to inflationary. For “best of breed” top down analysis of all major markets, … Continue reading Palladium/Gold Ratio