Palladium: it’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

Gold promoters’ selective thinking

Can you imagine if gold got clobbered by 7% in a day?

It’s an attack! The cabal is at work here! It’s JPM and those rotten Banksters, I tell you!

Hold the fort my Comrades in Golden Arms! They are just trying to scare you out of your positions!

Can you imagine if gold took the type of hit that Palladium is taking today?

Why no promo or excuse making for poor Pd? It’s not gold, that’s why. It’s a metal subject to cyclical supply/demand forces, not some cloak and dagger stuff behind a veil of mystery that the promoters want you to believe the gold market is.

There is manipulation in most if not all markets. Gold very much included. But I don’t care for the well honed tradition in the gold market because it is so often used for excuse making as opposed to ‘I screwed up, gold was not ready to be bullish yet’. Much easier to blame the dark forces at JPM, especially when the gold bug herds are lapping that stuff up. Which the less experienced or densest of them tend to do.

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12 thoughts on “Palladium: it’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

  1. The main difference between the 2, however, is that Gold is money and Palladium is not. At least not yet. Central banks around the world are filling their collective vaults with gold not palladium. At least the sensible banks that understand the need for gold. Unlike my Canadian banks and government

    1. Agree, and that is in alignment w/ my point. An industrial metal gets hammered as badly as the worst single day gold ‘attack’ would. I don’t think the ‘Banksters’ are doing it.

    2. Hi Kevin – i moved to Vancouver, Canada a few years ago from Singapore. What is the most efficient and reliable way to buy physical gold or certificates redeemable by physical gold? Does one have to pay a Sales tax/stamp duty when one does that? Does one have to buy versus CAD or can one use USD (and therefore avoid the usd/cad fx bid offer that would be no doubt charged by the seller)? thanks

  2. I like your points. You make some good points. Your TA is something I learn from.I agree, too, that all markets are manipulated to some degree. To me, we are simply in unprecedented times insofar as markets and fundamentals are concerned. It is a wild world where news and expectations can have such immediate effects on price movements that have absolutely no bearing on fundamentals (valuation). Cash is your best friend at these times where markets can remain irrational longer than one can remain solvent

    1. Cash that is actually paying a modest income now. The swings I am interested in can take a while to resolve and play out. There is a lot of grind, noise and b/s in the interim.

      1. CASH, Long Term Treasuries, USD and Shorts = the 4 Horseman ;) Then after the capitulation AU and AU Miners

  3. re: Cash

    “It takes the character to sit with all that cash and to do nothing. I didn’t get to where I am by going after mediocre opportunities.” . . . Charlie Munger

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