Profit Taking is Legal: GOOGL & CRY Edition

I would think that I am not the only one who needs occasional reminders about best practices in portfolio management... like taking profits in non-core items for example. To that…

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Updating Stocks Previously Discussed

To recap a few other stocks I've mentioned publicly over time, they don't all go as well as hysterical little Trixy. There are the bad to go with the good…

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CRY: Reason for Selling

This post is a companion to the entry in the NFTRH Trade Log where it was noted that the profit was too large to ignore (20%+) and the stock is…

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nftrh plus

NFTRH+’s Cryolife Post Unlocked (Public)

[edit] Arrrgh,they turned me into a day trader. Taking 9%. [edit2] I bought it back again on the pullback; we'll see how it works out. First as usual with me,…

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CRY Me No Tears

Since this is a spot on the internet that is not trying to harvest your eyeballs (no ads, man), misrepresent itself as a guru service or otherwise present uneven views…

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CRY Me No Tears

You write publicly for long enough and you will have a good little portfolio of items you highlighted, only to have an embarrassing reversal of your thesis take place as…

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