Updating Stocks Previously Discussed

To recap a few other stocks I’ve mentioned publicly over time, they don’t all go as well as hysterical little Trixy. There are the bad to go with the good and the ugly. The key is for most of them to go in the ‘good’ category. So here are a few that I hold or have recently sold. I reserve others because they are in process and for NFTRH reports, although you saw some of them if you read the complimentary NFTRH 500 report. Anyway, on to some stocks.

Starting with the bad (not ugly though), GE was sold for a small profit on its bounce after the CEO refused to speak out against further dividend cuts. I had considered taking a very good profit but instead, I sat. I’ll let specialists who handle basket case, debt soaked conglomerates deal with this one now.


The thing is, how do you know when to be a trader and when to let a story run? For instance, had I taken a quick profit on CRY I’d not be sitting at a very good profit that keeps on gathering. Still, I don’t have the same ‘story’ view on this as I do on TRXC, so it is getting tempting.


Sticking with the medical device theme, there is TRXC’s big brother, MZOR; he of the partnership with Medtronic to sell its robotic surgical systems. I actually stuck with it through the very ugly chart pattern and now with a rise back above the moving averages think it is at least constructive to undo that bearish crap.


Speaking of MDT, we have been charting a would-be bullish Ascending Triangle in the NFTRH+ Charts & Notes segment for a long while now. This daily chart does not show the Tri but it does show a stock that has been rewarding my patience very well. What’s more, if it does successfully break the Tri it is going well higher. As it is, its weekly close was an all time high today.


Hmmm, what else? How about old friend Google? I don’t love the weekly and monthly charts, but as noted in the Trade Log I bought it last week on the consolidation AKA that bull flag that was just broken upward yesterday (curiously, on a bad market day). Nice leadership there Goog. Just a trade in line with the short-term market view.


I eventually took a good (and dumb luck) profit after CBT’s big post-earnings rocket shot and wasted little time in buying it back again. The way it ended today makes me think it can go higher still. Not in love with the March lower low, however. So its uptrend could be over. What is happening now is the typical post-death cross upside reaction to screw over anyone who assigns too much import to those things.


WMT is not doing well and that is exactly how I want it because the plan is to add more lower. I think WMT is worth accumulating over time assuming the market has not gone to hell in a hand basket.


BB… yeah, I’m still holding it. I don’t love the chart but it’s profitable and I guess I am still into the story, i.e. its transition to software. I actually liked the chart short-term until yesterday’s reversal and today’s follow through. But really, as long as its got the status of investment I don’t really look at it.

I had noted TWTR a while back and I finally sold it on this bounce, at a minimal loss. Then it did this. Dohhh. In doing some research I lost faith in the company’s ability to create actual value for investors going forward. But what does the market care? Win some, lose some and get schlamozzled on some. I have better places for the funds at this point.


Finally, I turned a nice profit into a paper loss on DVAX. It’s chart is once again testing key support and frankly it looks like dog doo. Holding not for chart reasons but as a speculative part of a balanced portfolio.


There are several others either on watch or not yet for public consumption. But the above are some of the things going on in my portfolios lately, along with a few short positions (none of which are profitable) and all that dividend spitting cash equivalent.

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