NFTRH+; Gold, Silver and big Tech

Gold thus far holds the support, which can be seen on a weekly chart per a July 21st update. Here is the updated daily for review. Silver is the precious metal we’ve been watching more closely due to its stellar (contrarian bullish) CoT situation and its status at clear long-term support. If we take it in a vacuum (i.e. we ignore the fact that there … Continue reading NFTRH+; Gold, Silver and big Tech

The news of big Tech’s death has been greatly exaggerated

Big Tech is alive and well See? MSFT (I hold it) GOOGL (I don’t hold it) AMD (I hold it) AAPL (I hold it) And so on… Nobody knows the future, but as of today these Tech captains are fine. And it’s not just them. The Healthcare sectors are okay too. The market has recently rotated from the reflationary stuff to the steadier stuff that … Continue reading The news of big Tech’s death has been greatly exaggerated

Profit Taking is Legal: GOOGL & CRY Edition

I would think that I am not the only one who needs occasional reminders about best practices in portfolio management… like taking profits in non-core items for example. To that end, both GOOGL and CRY suffer the profit taker’s axe today. Ref. Friday’s post. CRY was around 20% on this most recent trade and I can’t remember what Google was. It was bought on the … Continue reading Profit Taking is Legal: GOOGL & CRY Edition

NFTRH+; GOOGL (Updated)

We NFTRH+’d GOOGL back on Feb. 17.  Since then it has done what I wanted in dropping to support for a buying opportunity.  It then did what I didn’t really want and dropped a little further, where I bought a little more.  Ultimately, support held after the whipsaw.  The pattern is now active and the target is noted. This, like any trade, is pending the … Continue reading NFTRH+; GOOGL (Updated)


A very simple one here for anyone interested in trading a massively popular tech stock.  Remember, we are managing an over valued stock market that could be flirting with a blow off scenario.  So anything noted in trade updates like this are just that, trades.  NFTRH’s pure macro views are what I am most interested in, personally, beyond a trading mentality. GOOGL broke above a … Continue reading NFTRH+; GOOGL