Fail to Take a Profit, Then Take a Profit

Fail to take a solid profit and instead settle back near breakeven on “rudderless, debt-soaked, beaten down conglomerate GE”? Well then, take one in something that you bought that whipped up a good profit sooner than expected. Neither of these are core portfolio items and I am pretty pissed about GE. But aside from managing markets, you’ve got to manage yourself too. So that is … Continue reading Fail to Take a Profit, Then Take a Profit

GE Inverted H&S Bounce Pattern Updated

Look who eased to test the neckline breakout and has made a new high today. Why, it’s the “rudderless, debt-soaked, beaten down conglomerate GE” as per the May 8 NFTRH real time Trade Log. Of course I bought it despite that description and only for technical reasons (as noted in the log), which are now activated. Target around 17 possibly to the declining SMA 200 … Continue reading GE Inverted H&S Bounce Pattern Updated

Gee E

I thought about doing a post on a certain grand child (the baby’s baby) of Intuitive Surgical that is up 60% over the last week, but I am afraid to. The minute I post, especially if the post has a hint of wiseguy know-it-all-ness to it, the thing will get reversed and hammered. So instead, we highlight a beaten down conglomerate that was noted in … Continue reading Gee E