Cabot Corp. (CBT): Sometimes They Work Out

The thing about making a trade is you have got to push the button and then hope your rationale is sound. In this case, as noted in the real time NFTRH Trade Log yesterday…

5.7.18: Buy CBT on today’s little pullback after break of severe daily downtrend but also because of my familiarity w/ the co. Seeing if I can get a bounce out of it, at least. Still vulnerable by weekly chart.

Doink. I guess I got a bounce… at least. When better than 80% of ’em start working out like this I’ll apply for my Genius license. Until then I’ll just continue to try to get more right than wrong. Oh, and the weekly chart vulnerability is erased as it’s back up in a longer-term uptrend channel now. Inside baseball: I didn’t even realize they were reporting earnings and had I known I might have chickened out. Just went by chart and my favorable view of the company generally.


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