TRXC: Running an Experiment

The experiment I am running is to see how resolute this human’s mind can be in the face of a run up of over 100% since early May in TRXC. It has left two gaps as it powers higher, most recently on FDA approval of new (laparoscopic) applications.


The issue for me is to remember that I am not a trader and I am not an investor, so much as I am a mix of the two; with some items to be traded out and others – like Robbie the Robot here – to be held as long as the story is progressing. I have not sold a single share; no partial profit, nothing.

So will the experiment blow up in my face as TransEnterix fails on one of the many fronts that are still speculative or will a patient investor make a killing one day? To be determined. I’ve even started following them on Twitter just to keep an eye on their progress. Of course, the Twitter feed’s gonna have all positive stuff but part of doing research on a speculative growth company is staying aware of the potential. This trade show pic was plucked off their blue birdie feed.

The potential is definitely there. Now they need to continue executing and that means selling more than a few systems. Today they announced another sale and as I understand it, the thing that would differentiate the company from the behemoth likes of Intuitive surgical is the “economics of the hospital” noted below, more than the cool aspects of haptic feedback and surgeon to camera visual control. I’d assume that the competition is forever improving its own technologies. But in not tying hospitals to a lifetime of sole sourced accessories (unlike Intuitive’s model) I think they’ve got a good angle here.

“We are pleased that LSU Health New Orleans is beginning its digital laparoscopy program using the Senhance Surgical system,” said Todd M. Pope, President and CEO at TransEnterix. “Our system is designed to support responsible economics for the hospital, and we look forward to partnering with the surgeons at UMC New Orleans to advance patient care in ways that matter in today’s value-based healthcare landscape.”

“LSU Health New Orleans and University Medical Center New Orleans see the Senhance Surgical System as an important and necessary advance in surgical care,” said Dr. Guy Orangio FACS, FASCRS, Chief Section of Colorectal Surgery at LSU Health New Orleans, and President of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons. “This new robotic system brings enabling technology with haptic feedback and innovative surgeon camera control while minimizing costs and maintaining existing efficiencies.”

However, I actually bought it for the chart a few months ago and am still in the learning process about the company. We had noted week after week the water torture otherwise known as the long consolidation in NFTRH. Not as a stock recommendation but as a chart that held me spellbound.

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