Baby Intuitive Surgical TransEnterix (TRXC) Still Busting a Move

I guess I am fine with my position, although I’d probably add some on a serious pullback. But it just does not seem to stop. It is almost as if people think that the more intuitive interface for surgeons (haptic feedback & human vision guided camera) and better cost economics (business model that does not trap customers into a lifetime of technology/consumables from one company) might actually work to the company’s advantage in the still growing Robotic surgery space.

Okay, easy now. Only a few bots have been sold but in reading over the transcript of the company’s quarterly call, I like where it is heading. It seems as if others do too.

RBC has tagged it with $5 share price and liked what they heard in meetings with management. But I think the differentiators noted above are key.

Anyway, you’ve gotta have a couple story stocks in the portfolio, right? As of now the story is good as they install a few robots and continue to get good feedback.

I know painfully well that there once was another Robotic surgery company trading in the single digits that had a bright future. If I were to sell TRXC it would be like selling ISRG in the single digits, which it is my life-long shame to admit I did. I waited through thick and thin, paper gain and paper loss after buying this consolidation in anticipation of an outcome like this.


I know I am the dour macro geek guy, but I have a little casino patron in there somewhere and he’s enjoying this (but he knows that the going will get rough at some point).

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