CRY: An Old Fashioned Tout for NFTRH+ (plus extended brain dump)

First the disclaimer: You’ve got to have a good market for these things to work (unless of course you’re highlighting short setups).  When CRY was highlighted it was a decent market, even though Brexit and its embedded head fake were directly ahead.  NFTRH+ has had losers (DBA comes to mind), but far more winners.

Gold bugs obsessed with the miners as if they are the only stocks on the planet should realize that the market is going up, not just their beloved miners.  But I digress.  After BSX, after MDT (each big winners) came CRY, after NFTRH had for months been charting the extreme bullish nature of the IHI Medical Devices ETF.

Anyway, I have come to dislike the preponderance of geniuses out there telling us how smart they are, how stupid we are and how if you’ll just subscribe to their secret sauce, you’ll live happily and gainfully ever after.  I also realize that I can come off as one of those smart guys sometimes in certain respects, but man, you’ve gotta market.  I learned that as the owner of a real company, with employees and everything.  Nobody can market like the boss!  Customers want to hear from and be able to interact with, the boss!

That’s why NFTRH has an open email policy (and golly, I’ve even spoken with a few people on the phone over the years) with all subscribers.  I’m being too wordy, confusing or simply annoying?  Send me an email and get clarification or set me straight.  It’s vital that this be a two way street, not just some blow hard issuing his vision for others to consume, no questions asked.

I digress…

So here is an NFTRH+ idea that won, big.  I continue to watch for them and while this is a more difficult market in which to find lower risk setups, the market is rotating, they are there and are being presented in the weekly report and here at the site.  NFTRH+ churns the ideas, I either buy or don’t buy (often do, but can’t buy everything), sometimes screw up my own trades and sometimes, as with CRY, do very well.

NFTRH+; Cryolife (CRY); June 8, 2016

Here’s the weekly chart from that update, which also included a daily chart and some CRY vs. IHI perspective charts.


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