CRY Me No Tears

Since this is a spot on the internet that is not trying to harvest your eyeballs (no ads, man), misrepresent itself as a guru service or otherwise present uneven views of the writer’s strengths and faults, I feel the need to also present my screw ups and/or items currently not working, after putting up posts like the GILD profit-take.

In that post I noted 2 medical device companies are still held and one of them is Cryolife, sitting in my portfolio incurring a 5.4% paper loss today. I had been hoping that a test of the SMA 50 might be all that was in the offing, but in the NFTRH+ Notes (and charts) segment of this week’s report this was noted for CRY (MZOR is the other device company still held)…

“But I am becoming more suspect of the Med. Device segment, of which MZOR and CRY are members. CRY’s double top situation reminds me of SIMO’s double top.”


Well, I didn’t listen to my own strict parameters on SIMO and did not heed my own caution on CRY. But ever the human, I am waiting to see if it can hold the up trending SMA 200. I like the company, so…

Anyway, more public writers should try admitting their faults more often. It’s okay guys, showing yourself to be human and faulty in public is liberating. Think of it this way, we show up each day and expect people to give a crap about what we write but in this world of fake news, click baiting and unfettered promotion a sophisticated audience probably expects a more rounded picture.

Otherwise you risk turning into Doug Casey one day (how’s that Asteroid investment going, eh Doug?). Sure, you can get rich as your massive marketing machine churns unsophisticated people into $$$, but where’s the fun in that? These goofy ads showed up on my own alternate website; doh.

Doug is a philosopher now? Got to keep evolving I guess. He’s a multi-millionaire and also a speculator. But is he a multi-millionaire due to his unbelievably successful speculations or… ?

Chipping in humorously is this guy, who’s got the NUMBER friggin’ ONE stock to own for you…

Okay I digressed into screed territory, but I’ve been saving this Casey crap on my desktop and this seemed like a good enough post to put it in to so that I can stop looking at it.

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