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NFTRH+; A Commodity in a Constructive Bottom Stance

We have noted the ‘rolling speculations’ aspect of the broad commodities sector. At times it seems as though the hot money is rolling in and out of different commodities (ref. the general Agriculture moonshot at the end of June and big drop in early July to retrace a majority of it). Suddenly REE became all the rage and did a vertical leap after being ignored … Continue reading NFTRH+; A Commodity in a Constructive Bottom Stance

A Disclosure

After a brief back and forth with Mark at IKN last week and a quick look at the IKN Weekly’s opening I’d like to make a disclosure on something. While there is probably no one actually wondering about it integrity is Thing 1 to me, and upon reading Mark’s opening I’d say it warrants a few words. Mark popped me an email last week inquiring … Continue reading A Disclosure

ABBV Replacing GILD

You could say GILD replaced ABBV after I took its profit and now ABBV is back after I took GILD’s profit. It may sound slick, but it is really just late stage bull market trading; reaping here, planting there and managing risk and limiting losses everywhere. ABBV pulled back, almost as if on command after it hit our 1st target of 75. The SMA 50 … Continue reading ABBV Replacing GILD

US Sectors vs. SPY & Some Yield Discussion

A couple of charts from the weekly Market Internals segment of NFTRH, bearing in mind that interest rates are going to have a say about sector relative strength going forward (for example, Financials and Energy tend to do relatively well in a rising long-term rate environment while Healthcare does not). Financials are constructive, Energy is firm for a few days now (nominal XLE may be … Continue reading US Sectors vs. SPY & Some Yield Discussion

CRY Me No Tears

Since this is a spot on the internet that is not trying to harvest your eyeballs (no ads, man), misrepresent itself as a guru service or otherwise present uneven views of the writer’s strengths and faults, I feel the need to also present my screw ups and/or items currently not working, after putting up posts like the GILD profit-take. In that post I noted 2 … Continue reading CRY Me No Tears


It’s been a great run off the June bottom and now all Biotech profits are booked. I’ll hold general Healthcare for now, with all individual stocks in the books (except for 2 Device companies). Subscribe to NFTRH Premium for your 40-55 page weekly report, interim updates and NFTRH+ chart and trade ideas or the free eLetter for an introduction to our work. Or simply keep … Continue reading GILD Bye

There’s Gold in Them There [Gold Stock] Earnings

Look, I have been beating the drum about the gold sector being in a daily downtrend until it can clear certain technical objectives. As a sector, it has not yet cleared most of them. I’ve also noted positives in play ranging from the vastly improved gold and silver CoT data to the out performance and positive divergence by several gold stocks including Royal Gold, Franco … Continue reading There’s Gold in Them There [Gold Stock] Earnings