A Disclosure

After a brief back and forth with Mark at IKN last week and a quick look at the IKN Weekly’s opening I’d like to make a disclosure on something. While there is probably no one actually wondering about it integrity is Thing 1 to me, and upon reading Mark’s opening I’d say it warrants a few words.

Mark popped me an email last week inquiring about the chart of a silver company whose fundamentals he liked. I told him what I thought of the chart (potential short-term bottom) and then asked him what he liked about the funda.

His reply was a vague. The company in question is [XYZ company]…

“i prefer [ABC company], but i’ve been watching [XYZ company] since… “

My reply was not so vague…

“Fuck it, I bought it. Silver and base metals in [Canada]. :-)”

Today IKN has a full research report on the company that is favorable. Mark has not bought it and is keeping it as a watch item due to short-term concerns about the silver price (which I share since it is near its best bounce target). But since it appeared in IKN as formal research and since I am sitting there with it in my account (as noted in an update last week) I wanted to mention why I have it in my account.

In this case I bought a chart of a company that a guy I trust seemed to like. I’ve also added [XYZ company] to the list of 20 or so precious metals stock charts we follow each week.