The Fed is forced to pay you to stay safe

As the Fed fights the last war (on inflation) the result is a rare thing; a bear market haven called cash, paying increasing income Safety Vehicles Gold: For long-term financial security. Real gold, not ETFs, not allocated gold trusts that you can never actually possess (if you, like me, are not spectacularly wealthy) and certainly not gold mining equities.* Just gold. It’s so simple as … Continue reading The Fed is forced to pay you to stay safe

SHV: Still One of My Favorite Charts

Even as I speculate in the financial markets along with all the other casino patrons, this remains one of my favorite charts, because it shows what my unused cash has been doing since the Fed began lifting interest rates. This chart represents SHV principal plus monthly dividends. Beginning in 2016 Janet Yellen’s Fed ceased the all-out assault on regular peoples’ savings that was put and … Continue reading SHV: Still One of My Favorite Charts

Risk is OFF

Risk is OFF [ed: ‘Risk Off’ might seem obvious this morning, but NFTRH has been highlighting acute risk in the US stock market since leading indicators – including a sentiment extreme exactly opposite to the contrarian bullish extreme of 1 year ago – flashed warning signals weeks ago.  From NFTRH 244’s opening segment… I don’t know how to put it any more clearly than that.  … Continue reading Risk is OFF