SHV: Still One of My Favorite Charts

Even as I speculate in the financial markets along with all the other casino patrons, this remains one of my favorite charts, because it shows what my unused cash has been doing since the Fed began lifting interest rates. This chart represents SHV principal plus monthly dividends.


Beginning in 2016 Janet Yellen’s Fed ceased the all-out assault on regular peoples’ savings that was put and kept in place by the (IMO) morally bankrupt Bernanke Fed, which cleaned up the mess left by the fallout from the Greenspan Fed’s bubble making. The asset owner class is still making a killing – apparently to be aided by the coming tax package – but at least parked cash is doing something, and will do a little something more after the December FOMC meeting. From CME Group…


Meanwhile, who’s chasing stocks higher and higher now? Something tells me a lower proportion of participants are the asset owner class and a higher proportion is the regular folk.

Just riffing along here, while thinking about money and what has been done to it over the last decade.

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