Thank You T Rowe Price Guy!

Thank you sir for putting some rational talk in the media and thank you Bloomy for putting him out there amid all the inflation and bond bear hysterics going on. Click the pic for the short video.

Folks, I am not some mainstream pundit with a 60% stocks, 40% bonds auto-message. I am from a lunatic fringe that realizes the unsustainability of the current debt for growth path. But I also realize that timing is a whole other matter. Having been early on this little ‘inflation trade’ thing, I think I am at a vantage point to note its vulnerability as well.

So I put forth Mr. Page’s views here not as a bond bull or conventional asset allocator, but as a person who has taken pains to tell you why bonds are in a contrary setup and why cash, which will be paying .25% higher interest by the end of March, is a sound position right now.

As for the guy in the featured image up top? He may well be right one day but he and his friends Ray and Paul have been put front and center for public consumption at a conspicuous time. Why, Ray even went so far as to call bond bear and get out of cash and into stocks or you’ll be sorry. Very potentially damaging stuff to people who believe in experts.

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