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NFTRH 732, out now

NFTRH 732 is uploaded to the archive for subscribers. It does not break much new ground but it does reinforce and add clarity to our ongoing, and thus far on…

gold price divided by the oil price

Q: Where does the risk lie?

Where is the risk, in gold or crude oil? The gold price has been deflated by the oil price to an extreme degree since 2020. The trend in the Gold/Oil…

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market sectors including the energy sector

Energy sector is vulnerable

The Energy sector is vulnerable from technical and macro fundamental perspectives Technically, the Energy sector (XLE) is overbought by its distance from the daily SMA 50. RSI and MACD are…

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gold price in various global currencies

The gold price in global currencies

As the gold price rallies, it maintains its trends to rallying global currencies The relative trends in the gold price to major currencies range from neutral with a positive bias…

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Read more about the article Other Side of Nowhere

Other Side of Nowhere

I did this earlier in the week while ignoring the stock market one day. Feels to me like Garage rock with a touch of neo-psych. As with any of the…

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