Gold vs. Cyclical Asset Markets

Gold vs. risk ‘on’, cyclical items

For you sports fans keeping track at home, here is the current view of gold vs. the (much) more cyclical stuff using GLD and various ETFs representing the other markets. It’s a daily chart and you can see gold’s intermediate trend by the SMA 50.

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  1. Kevin J Dueck

    If we’ve seen peak inflation and disinflation is the flavor, then we should see and improvement of gold against commodities. If the Fed has oil in their sights to fight inflation and stick it to Putin then we should see gold improve against oil too. Those look like the 2 important ratios for it to overcome now.

    1. Gary

      Yes, but how would the great and powerful Oz discretely control the price of oil?

      1. Kevin J Dueck

        If high prices are the cure for high prices then I figure through demand destruction. Oh yeah, open up the Keystone XL pipeline ;) (Yes, that is more political and not monetary but what do I know. I’m just a humble Canadian resource investor ;) LOL

  2. Gary

    Good point. Carpet bomb everything and kill oil at the same time. Sort of a monetary cluster bomb.

    1. Kevin J Dueck

      Precisely. I’ll keep my powder dry for the short term and see what comes down the pipe as the week unfolds. I think we’ll get a clearer indication of just how much is actually already baked into the cake once the action begins backing up the jawboning (or not)…remains to be seen.

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