Not to be outdone, the Gold/Silver Ratio…

Gold/Silver ratio breakout continues apace

Slowly it toined (last week man stared at chart while stuck on an airplane at JFK, Brooklyn accent appropriately included)…

…and today it continues to break upward.

Folks, if you don’t have your chops in order about what an upturn in gold vs. silver, copper and the rest of more inflation-sensitive (and in most cases, cyclical) stuff means you should get on it, IMO. NFTRH 703 not only got on it, it did an extensive dive into it.

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  1. Armen

    Message from GSR, GCR is clear. Ditto TSX/TSX venture. However opposite message comes from TLT/JNK and LQD/JNK – both tanking. And yet (near) same thing viewed on shows widening spreads. I’m confused on spreads.

    1. Gary

      I had been meaning to look at the HY spread again. So glad you did. I’d go by that graph, and it’s not at all reassuring. Not sure why TLT & LQD are so bad in relation, even when dividends are removed from the equation. But the Fed’s HY spread is the standard IMO.

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