Inflationary Wonderland

Inflation has permeated the macro markets; where to from here? Apologies in advance for some of the possibly confusing content to follow. But if this were easy anyone could do it, eh? There are a lot of balls in the air; balls known as inflation vs. deflation and most of all time frames. The media present inflation as this guy picking out higher priced fruit. … Continue reading Inflationary Wonderland

Uncle Buck on a rampage against the macro this morning

US dollar (DXY) holds support at the SMA 50 There is a reason I keep an eye on divergences within markets (USD has been one against inflated markets for all of 2021), trends (USD trend is up since January) and support/resistance/moving averages. Today, even if in microcosm, USD informs us that it is alive and well as of this moment and by extension, a threat … Continue reading Uncle Buck on a rampage against the macro this morning

Ponder the inflationary macro with me, if you will

Stare at the chart of inflation expectations (RINF)… Gold went down during the 2012-2016 Goldilocks phase (officially ended in 2020 with the final tanking and reversal of inflation expectations), as did commodities and the Silver/Gold ratio. US stocks AKA the Good Ship Lollipop sailed on as the world was pulled in a disinflationary grip after USD bottomed and bulled in 2014. But since the deflationary … Continue reading Ponder the inflationary macro with me, if you will

Doctor Copper tests the moving averages

Copper price looks for support As surmised possible in the previous copper post, the copper price lost the short-term lateral support point and is now looking for support at the up-trending moving averages. FWIW, I held CPER, turning a nice paper gain into a puny one. Ah well… Copper is still considered at support pending the convergence of the black dashed breakout re-test and said … Continue reading Doctor Copper tests the moving averages

NFTRH+; Gold, Silver & HUI Daily Technical Status

A mid-week daily chart update of the precious metals. Gold (futures) is still scrapping at the down-trending SMA 50 and SMA 200. Step 1: Take those out and hold them. Step 2: take out resistance at 1837. Step 3: take out 1920 and off you go to 3050 per the monthly chart’s long-term target. Sounds simple enough. Reality is always harder. So let’s take it … Continue reading NFTRH+; Gold, Silver & HUI Daily Technical Status

Risk implied for gold by this picture

Gold as correlated with the CPI/TNX ratio has implied downside Earlier I saw some stuff about a gold breakout and thought about how they never seem to learn. They either never learn or they never want followers to learn (too much). It’s like those scary social commentary stories; keep the masses dumb, stupid and asleep. But that is just me, being judgemental and unlikable (by … Continue reading Risk implied for gold by this picture

NFT… arrrr h

NOTES FROM THE rabbit hole…NFTrh The NFT part is all that matters. Not the words “notes from the”, implying information delivered from somewhere. Not “rabbit hole”, implying that somewhere is a pretty different, even weird place. You see, with my antiquated notions of sound market management, which includes investment and/or speculation in real assets, including real monetary value (gold), equities of real companies doing real … Continue reading NFT… arrrr h

NFTRH+; a miner sneaks out of a downtrend

SSRM will be subject to the precious metals miner rally and also to earnings season upcoming (SSRM reports on November 4th), which I don’t think is going to generally be very sector-positive with the likes of energy, mining materials and human resources rising in price during the previous quarter. If that is the case it would be a matter or whether or not the market … Continue reading NFTRH+; a miner sneaks out of a downtrend

FOMOs gonna FOMO

‘Fear of missing out’ on market gains continues among the usual suspects, with a notable exception On October 14 we noted the environment whereby the FOMOs could utter a collective “ruh roh!”, realize they got played out of the market during the September sentiment squall and then start to chase. Well, newsletter writers had not budged as of the 19th (last Tuesday). Investors Intelligence from … Continue reading FOMOs gonna FOMO

Strange Bedfellows in the futures

US dollar rises and so do markets not normally correlated with it Strange signaling in today’s pre-market as the US dollar rises from support above the up-trending SMA 50… As Bitcoin also rises… Copper holds support… Silver is firm… …and gold creeps above its SMA 200. For “best of breed” top down analysis of all major markets, subscribe to NFTRH Premium, which includes an in-depth … Continue reading Strange Bedfellows in the futures

NFTRH 678, out now

#678 slims down just a bit but covers the relevant areas. And sure, we went macro again in order to help my own orientation, along with anyone else who may have appreciated it. It’s all about forward macro views for preparation, longer-term, and functional views in the short-term with respect to current macro. Stocks relevant to today’s macro, including commodity-related and stocks relevant to the … Continue reading NFTRH 678, out now